Aquafit/Lap Swim

There are many benefits of exercising in swimming pools! Not only do you stay cool while you workout, but there are other additional benefits:

Cardiovascular Endurance: When in cool water, the blood moves faster through the body. When coupled with an aerobic movement it can result in an improved cardiovascular performance over time.

Low-Impact Exercise: Due to the buoyancy of the water, impact on the joints and muscles is decreased, allowing for active recovery of the muscles. You do not have to worry about falling, as the water will support your body in any position and it will alleviate the feelings of fatigue because it is supporting your body's weight.

Flexibility: Flexibility increases because of the wider range of motion the body can achieve due to the absence of gravity acting on the joints. 

Stress Relief: Like any form of exercise, pool workouts are great for stress relief! The calming effect of the body in water can decrease or eliminate the pain resulting from a workout.

For All Ages and Fitness Levels: Regardless of your age or fitness level you can get a great workout in the water! Your instructor will offer plenty of modifications to increase or decrease the difficulty of moves, so you can go at your own pace and do what feels good to you.

True Full-Body Workout: Working out in the water is fantastic for you internal organs and lymphatic system, as well as your heart and muscles! 

No Equipment Necessary: Just bring yourself, let the water do the rest! Due to the resistance of water, workouts are quite effective.


Aquafit and Lap Swim Prices*  
Activity Age  Price 
Aquafit Drop In 14 + $10.00
Lap Swim 10 + (without parent supervision) $3.00

 ***The booking of a spot for Aquafit can be done through our online registration***