Lifesaving Courses

In this upcoming 2022 swim season, The Manitou and Community Swimming Pool will now be offering Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses!   

Courses  Prices   Dates 
 Bronze Medallion $180.00 (+ additional costs (textbook, ETC))
 Sunday, July 10th ~ 6pm - 9pm (Online)
Thursday, July 14th ~ 10am - 7pm (In-person)
Friday, July 15th ~  10am - 1pm (In-person) 
 Bronze Cross  $180.00 (+ additional costs (textbook, ETC))
 Friday, July 15th ~ 2pm - 6pm (In-person)
Saturday, July 16th ~ 10am - 6pm (In-person)
Sunday, July 17th ~ 10am - 6pm (In-person) 
Please Note: Some classes may be expected to be done over online applications (Ex. Zoom)  

Bronze Medallion

 Requirements  H2O Proficiency  First Aid Skills  Recognition & Rescue 
 Must be 13 years of age or Bronze Star certified.  Throwing Accuracy   One rescuer CPR (Adult and Child)   Walk, Spot, and Demonstrate 
   Self-rescue  obstructed Airway (Conscious)  Spinal Injury Management 
   Rescue Drill  Obstructed airway (Unconscious)   Search  
  Defenses and Releases   Shock  Rescue 1 : Non-Contact  
  Fitness Challenge   Heat Attack or Angina   Rescue 2 : Non-Breathing Victim   
  Endurance (Timed) : 500 m in 15 mins   External Bleeding  Rescue 3 : Open Water   
Stroke and TIA
(Transient Ischemic Attack) 

Bronze Cross

 Requirements  H2O Proficiency     First Aid Skills  Recognition & Rescue 
 Must be Bronze Medallion certified.  Rescue Drill    First Aid Assessment  Walk, Spot and Evaluate 
  fitness challenge    One-rescuer CPR Spinal Injury and Management  
  Endurance (Timed) : 600m in 18 mins   Two-rescuer CPR  Team Search  
     Obstructed Airway (Conscious Adult & Child)  Rescue 1 : Multiple Victims  
    Obstructed Airway (Conscious Infant)    Rescue 2 : Submerged Victim 
     Obstructed Airway (Unconscious Victim)   Rescue 3 : Two Rescuers  
     Hypothermia  Rescue 4 : Injured Victim