National Lifeguarding Certification

 This up coming 2023 swim season, The Manitou and Community Swimming Pool will be offering NLS: the National Lifeguarding Certification!
 ***In order to enroll in this course, the participant must be at least 15 years of age, must obtain a Bronze Cross certification and Standard First Aid  (need not be current). If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, feel free to contact us! 
Course  Prices   Dates
 NLS  $260.00
June 15th (On-line) : 6:00 - 10:00 pm 
June 17th (In person) : 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
June18th (In person) : 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
June 22nd (On-line) : 6:00 - 10:00 pm  
June 24th (In person) : 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
June 25th(In person) : 10:00 am - 6:30 pm 
Please note : some classes may be expected to be done using online applications (i.e Zoom)
National Lifeguard Certification : At a Glance  

 Test item   Description
 Lifeguarding Theory & Practice  Demonstrate knowledge of the principles & techniques of lifeguarding included in the National Lifeguard test items, and answer questions drawn from the Canadian Lifesaving Manual (CLM) and Alert : Lifeguarding in Action. 
 Pool Facility Analysis
 Demonstrate an understanding of :
  • Features that cary from pool to pool (or time to time) & how analysis of these affects lifeguarding. 
  • The role of water treatment systems in providing a safe and comfortable bather environment. 
  • Environmental hazard of pools. 
 Rescue Aid Proficiency   Demonstrate proficiency in the use of buoyant & non buoyant rescue aids appropriate for a variety of victim types in supervises pool environments. 
 Entries & Removals  Demonstrate three entries & three removals appropriate for a pool environment.  
 Rescue Drill   Demonstrate endurance and strength for a submerged manikin or victim recovery and rescue : starting in the water, swim to recover a submerged manikin / victim, located 20 m away; carry the manikin/victim 20 m. 
 Underwater Swim  Demonstrate anaerobic fitness and strength for an object recovery : starting in water, swim 15 m & surface dive to recover a 20 lbs object; surface & carry the object 15 m - all within 40 seconds.  
 Object Recovery   Demonstrate anaerobic fitness : Starting in the water, swim 50 m within 60 seconds. 
 Sprint Challenge  Demonstrate anaerobic fitness & endurance : Swim 400 m within 10 minutes.  
 Endurance Challenge    Demonstrate aerobic fitness and endurance: Swim 400 metres within 10 minutes (400 yd. within 9:10 minutes).
 Lifeguard Communication   Demonstrate aerobic fitness and endurance: Swim 400 metres within 10 minutes (400 yd. within 9:10 minutes).
 Positioning & Rotation  Demonstrate effective pool supervision using lifeguard positioning and rotation.
 Scanning & Intervention  Demonstrate effective lifeguard scanning techniques and observation skills in the pool environment.
 Prevention & Intervention   Demonstrate an ability to recognize situations in which early lifeguard intervention may prevent a rescue emergency
 Specialized Techniques  Demonstrate an understanding of different rescue techniques appropriate for specific pool features and special situations.
 Missing Person  Demonstrate an effective search of the aquatic facility for a missing person as both a member and a leader of a lifeguard team.
 Management of Distressed or Drowning Victim  Demonstrate effective management of a distressed or drowning victim in deep water with and without an aid.
 Management of Submerged, Non-breathing Victim  Demonstrate effective management of a submerged, non-breathing victim and perform 10 cycles of 2 ventilations:30 compressions on a CPR manikin 
 Management of Spinal-Injured Victims  With the assistance of one back-up lifeguard or assistant lifeguard and one bystander, demonstrate effective management of suspected spinal-injured victims (breathing and non-breathing) found in the water.
 Management of an Injured Victim  Demonstrate effective management of an injured victim on land or in the water.
 Single Lifeguard Situation  As a single lifeguard, respond to a situation in a supervised aquatic setting with one auxiliary staff member.
 Lifeguard Team Situations   As a member of a lifeguard team, respond to situations in a supervised aquatic setting.