Curling Rink

A variety of sporting and recreational activities are available in Manitou for all the seasons. Please view the calendar below to find out what's happening at the Manitou Community Curling Rink
Men's League           Wednesdays @ 7pm
Ladies League          Tuesdays @ 7pm
Afternoon League     Monday & Thursdays @ 1pm
Floor Curling            Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 1pm

319 6th Street
PH: 204-242-2891
Seating Capacity: 151 (Hall) 149 (Waiting Room)
Kitchen Facilities: YES
Wheelchair Accessible: YES
For Bookings Contact:  Laura Ehnes 204-242-4416
Club Room Only (No Bartender) - 4 hours or less $50.00 
Building Rental (excluding ice & no bartenders)  $200.00
Ice Rental (addition to Building Rental) $25.00 per sheet 
Bartenders (Bartenders must be club members that are licensed)  $50.00 
**The Manitou Curling Club expects the club to be cleaned by the renters after their event. If the renters choose not to clean, an addition of $50.00 is required for this service.


Curling Rink Schedule

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