Past Manitou Mayors & Council

Samuel Cruthers1897, Jan-June 1900
Mayor: Samuel Cruthers
Councillors: John Wootton, R.A. McIntosh, R.McKenzie, Joseph Kerr
Clerk: W.F Ellis

Samuel Cruthers came to Manitou sometime prior to 1888, he purchased the former Manitou Dominion Land Office when the business moved to Morden and opened a private bank which was the area’s first banking establishment of any kind.  After several months he relocated to the other side of the street. Mr. Cruthers sold his private bank to the Bank of Hamilton in 1898 and became manager of the new Union Bank of Canada which opened that year.   In 1901, he built a house and bank on this site which is now the location of Sam’s Foods at 338 Main Street.

Samuel came to Manitou from Ontario with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Webster. While in Manitou they had four children:  William Maurice born March 16, 1889,

Robert Horace born November 21, 1890, Elizabeth Marjory born March 21, 1893, and Marion Louise.  His son Robert only survived a month and died December 22, 1890 and his wife passed away in December of 1899. In 1901 Samuel married his former sister in law Esther Webster. In 1906 the couple left Manitou and moved to Oakville, Ontario where Samuel became a "gentleman farmer"

Mr. Cruthers was active in the establishment of the village and was a charter member of the Manitou Curling Club.

(Information gleaned from Manitoba Vital Statistics Database, The Manitou Mercury, In Rhythm With Our Roots)

Richard (Dick) McKenzie
1898 - 1899
Mayor: Richard "Dick" McKenzie
Councillors (1898): John Wootton, R.A. McIntosh, George Winran, R. Magee
Councillors (1899): John Wootton, George Ullyott, Charles Gordon, Charles McNamara
Clerk: W.F. Ellis

Born at Langside, Ontario, son of John McKenzie who immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1851, he worked on his father’s farm until eighteen years of age when he moved to Leamington, Essex County.  Here he learned the blacksmithing and carriage business.  He came to Winnipeg in 1880 and followed this trade for a time then, in 1882, he went to Rat Portage (now Kenora, Ontario) where he worked in lumber camps forty miles inland from Rat Portage.

In 1883 he went to Medicine Hat, Alberta at the terminus of the CPR then walked from there to Calgary, a distance of 180 miles.  Reaching Calgary, he went with two others to Red Deer, a distance of some 100 miles, driving oxen and Red River carts, taking seven days on the trip.  He then returned to Calgary and spent some time in the district and in the foothills.  He finally returned to Manitoba n 1884.

Be bought a blacksmith business in Manitoba City but soon moved his business across the tracks to Manitou, the present location of Mueller’s Hardware.  He also started selling buggies manufactured by the McLaughlin Carriage Company of Oshawa, Ontario.  From doing simple blacksmithing he soon became the local agent and under his expert management, soon grew into magnificently profitable proportions.  By the 1890’s he was purchasing buggies and other vehicles from the McLaughlin firm by the box car load.   In 1899, he opened a branch of the company at Winnipeg which, in 1907, became the McLaughlin Motor Car Company.  He sold the blacksmith shop in Manitou to William Dales in 1902.

In 1915, the business became a unit of General Motors of Canada Limited with McKenzie as its Western Canadian Manager.  He retired a few months before his death.

On May 8, 1897, he married Lydia Pauline Hicks.  They had three children:  Marjorie McKenzie born 1899, wife of David S. Robertson, John Richard McKenzie born 1902, and Mabel Hicks McKenzie born 1909.  He was a member of the Motor Country Club.

He died at his Winnipeg home, 125 Maryland Street on March 19, 1931.

(Information taken from "Memorable Manitobans” compiled by the Manitoba Historical Society) 

George UllyottJune 1900-1905
Mayor: George Ullyott
Councillors (Prior to June 1900): P. Winram, George Ullyott, Charles Gordon, C. McNamara
Councillors (June 1900): P. Winram, R. McClung, W.H. Sharpe, C. McNamara
Councillor  (1901): P. Winram, T.Turnbull, John McGregor, C. McNamara
Councillors (1902-1903): J.A.Hill, T. Turnbull, John McGregor, C. McNamara
Clerk (1900-1904): W.F.Ellis
Councillors (1904 - First Part of 1905): J.A. Hill, Riggs, E.G. Jones, C. McNamara
Councillors (Last Part of 1905): W.H. Sharpe, Mode, E.G Jones, C. McNamara
Clerk (1904-1905): Geo Armstrong

George Ullyott (1950-1925) was born in Oshawa, ON.  Her married Esther Ann Jackson (1853-1925) in 1867 at Oshawa and they had nine children: Frederick William of Winnipeg, Mary Jane (Biggs) of Manitou, Mable Elizabeth (Moore) of Altamont, Esther Alberta (Dickson) of Winnipeg, Harold Franklin, pharmacist of Carman, Dora Jackson (McMorran) of Souris, Amy Muriel (Lloyd) of Winnipeg, Ernest Elford, killed in WWI, and Georgina Mae (Johnston) of William’s Lake, BC, all of whom grew up and went to school in Manitou.
George attended school in Bowmanville, ON and apprenticed to become a master carpenter and worked as a coach woodworker for McLaughlin Carriage Works in Oshawa.  As a young man he came to Manitoba with the York Volunteers to put down the first Louis Riel uprising.
When the campaign ended in 1879, in lieu of mustering-out pay, he was given a section of land north of the present town of Manitou, adjacent to the late Senator Sharpe.  The old settlement of Manitoba City was built upon the hill near the Ullyott homestead.  When the town moved to the area surrounding the rail line.  George was active in the move to the new site, which later became Manitou.In the early 1900’s, George was a very busy contractor, involved in many enterprises, many of which were before their time, for a small town. He built homes, among those being the Fairbrook Farm at Pembina Crossing.  He did the carpentry work for St. Andrew’s United Church in Manitou and St. Mathews in New Haven and also the Manitou Normal School.
One enterprise he was involved with was the mining of oil from the shale deposits in the general area of Manitou.  Many of the roads in the area were topped with this shale making them the best in Manitoba, at the time.  There was also some involvement in the Portland cement pits, which is now Canada Cement in Fort Whyte, near Winnipeg.
George was also involved with the founding of the first insurance company in Western Canada, the Western Empire Life Assurance Company, later acquired by Great-West Life.  He was also an early investor in the Victrola Gramaphone Company win Winnipeg. As his family grew up he settled down and took a position as a builder of grain elevators along the rail lines in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  He also worked for the government as a week and grain inspector.
He was a member of Pembina Council in 1896, and Mayor of Manitou from 1900 – 1905.  He donated the first fire engine to the Manitou Fire Brigade, a tidy sum of five thousand dollars in those days.He was Grand Master in the Grand Lodge of Manitoba, A.F. and A.M. (Oddfellows), and with other like-minded pioneers helped build Manitou and Manitoba.Around 1920 he suffered a serious accident at Jordan Siding, MB, where a main beam of the elevator fell upon him.  Evidently this was his last endeavor.  He moved to Winnipeg some time later with his wife and they resided in Elmwood, where they both passed away.
(Information gleaned from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

Charles McNamara 1906
Mayor: Charles McNamara
Councillors: R.W. McClung, Mode, E.G Jones, W.H. Sharpe
Clerk: Geo. Armstrong

Charles McNamara, the last of the old timers of Manitou, who settled here on the surveying of the town, died in March 1940 in Morris Hospital in his 85th year.  He was a well-known pioneer businessman of Manitou.  After the death of his wife, he resided with his son, Fred, at Morris.

The late Mr. McNamara was born near Brockville, ON and came west as a young man when the CPR was building westward, and worked on its construction for some time prior to following his trade as a harness maker to Morris where he first settled.  When the Pembina branch of the CPR came West, opening up this part of the country, Mr. McNamara opened up a harness shop in Manitou which he operated for many years. Later, selling out, he was for several years in the employ of the Manitoba Government as a special constable. He retired from that position at the defeat of the Norris Government, and spent his declining years in his favourite pastime of gardening, of which he was an expert.

Mr. McNamara was for many years a member of the Manitou Council, and served as Mayor of the town.  He was an ardent sportsman and was a chartered member of the Dog and Duck Club of Manitou.  He never missed an opening shoot since the formation of the Club.  As a sot, he was unexcelled for his marksmanship.

Charlie McNamara was in religion a member of the Roman Catholic Church, and a staunch member of the Liberal Party.

(Information gleaned from In Rhythm With Our Roots, Memorable Manitobans)

Wesley McClung1907
Mayor: R. Wesley McClung
Councillors: R.A. McIntosh, Maloney, R.J. Chalmers, W.H. Sharpe
Clerk: Geo. Armstrong

Robert Wesley McClung was born in Durham County, Ontarion on October 31, 1871 to James A. McClung and Annie Eliza McClung (Mcharry).  The family came west in the late 1880’s and settled in Manitou, where Wes’s father was the Methodist Minister in the community.  In 1890 Wes came as drug assistant and worked his apprenticeship under Mr. Scarlett who had the Medical Hall in Manitou at the time.  In 1894 Mr. Scarlett sold the store and business to Wes, the original store now being the Spot Lite Café on Main Street in Manitou.  He met Nellie L. Mooney, while she was boarding with his family during her teaching career in Manitou and Treherne.  The couple were married August 25, 1896.
They had a family of 5; John Wesley (June 16, 1897) who served overseas in WWI and later graduated from U of AB in Law and in 1927 become Attorney General of Alberta, Paul Harper (November 20, 1900) and Horace Barrie (June 23, 1906) became businessmen; Florence Letitia (January 28, 1899) (Atkinson), and Mark, a Rhodes Scholar and served in the Navy during WWII.  Four of these children were born in Manitou.In 1901 McClung built a new building across the street from his first pharmacy.
The building still stands today and was operated as a pharmacy until 1994.In 1909, due to failing health, Mr. McClung sold his business to Mr. Chas. C. Parker.  The McClung’s remained in Manitou until 1911 when they moved to Winnipeg where Wes was to work for Manufacturers’ Life Insurance.  In 1914 they moved to Edmonton. Calgary was their home from 1923-1932. Retirement was to Lantern Lane in Victoria where their 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated.  Wes passed away November 1, 1957 at the age of 87 in Saanich, BC.

(Information gleaned from In Rhythm With Our Roots, Memorable Manitobans, Manitoba Vital Statistics Database)

W.H. Sharpe1908
Mayor: W.H. Sharpe
Councillors: W.C. Dales, Maloney, R.J Chalmers, R.A. Garrett
Clerk: Geo. Armstrong

Senator William Henry Sharpe was born in Eppsburg, ON April 19, 1868, son of George Sharpe and Mary Ann Simpson; he attended Uxbridge public schools and Belleville Business College in Ontario.  In 1889 he travelled to Dauphin district and took up a homestead and later operated an implement business.  March 15, 1891 he married Cora Alice Bustin.  They had a family of three; George born in 1893, Mary Mabel born in 1896 and Cora Alice born March 23, 1898.  His wife Cora passed away during childbirth when daughter Cora was born and baby Cora passed away in 1899.

Senator Sharpe married Ida Armstrong of Manitou on February 14, 1900.

Mr. Sharpe was a general merchant in the community until 1907, as well as president of both R. A. Garrett Co. and Quebec Manitou Mining Co. During those early years, he started his 2600 acre farm which has remained in the family ever since.

W. H. Sharpe, an active Conservative entered politics and was elected to the House of Commons in 1908.  Throughout the election campaigns, his son, George, drove him around the country in one of the first cars in the district.  In 1916, Mr. Sharpe was named to the Senate.  He was the founder of the 184th Battalion in Winnipeg during WWI.  Senator W. H. Sharpe passed away in Ottawa, ON, in 1942.

(Information gleaned from In Rhythm With Our Roots, Memorable Manitobans, Manitoba Vital Statistics Database and Don and Lindy Sharpe) 

1909 - 1912
Mayor: Robert Armstrong McIntosh
Councillors (1909- 1910): W.C. Dales, Maloney, R.J. Chalmers, R.A. Garrett
Councillors (1911 - 1912): W.C Dales, Cram, G.E. Davidson, R.A. Garrett
Clerk: Geo. Armstrong

Robert Armstrong McIntosh was born February 1, 1852 in McIntosh Leeds County, ON.  He was a Miller by trade.  He married Euretta Sophia Hardison (March 2, 1858 – October 18, 1932) on March 15, 1876 and they had a family of two sons; Harry H. and Bruce.The family came to Manitou in 1890 where Robert’s brother John had settled some years earlier.
He operated a Grist Mill just outside of Manitou until 1915 or 16 at which time he sold it to Mr. Whiteford who operated it until it closed in the 1920’s. He lived 30 years in the Manitou area. In 1921 he and Euretta moved to Winnipeg where he was employed at the CNR shops and he worked there until the time of his death, June 29, 1927.  The couple are both buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Winnipeg.
(Information received from Frazer and Muriel McIntosh)

William Christie Dales1913 - 1914
Mayor: William Christie Dales
Councillors (1913-1914): W.J. Pringle, Cram, G.E. Davidson, John Pollock
Clerk: Geo Armstrong

Sometime prior to 1896 William Christie Dales (born 1867 and died March 7, 1938) moved to Manitou from Ontario after hearing from his Aunt Jane that prospects for work were good in the West.  His Aunt was right there was work to be found in Manitou.  William apprenticed to theblacksmith, R. McKenzie, who was a McLaughlin Carriages representative.  He purchased the business from Mr. McKenzie in 1902 and he operated the blacksmith and woodworking shop until 1932 when he sold it to Otto Mueller.

He married Margaret Jane Anderson in June 8, 1893 and they had four children; Rose, Christie Andrew born December 18, 1896, Peter and Walter Ambrose born October 23, 1908.

(Information gleaned from In Rhythm With Our Roots, Manitoba Vital Statistics Database)

Gilbert Ernest Davidson1915-1916
Mayor: Gilbert Ernest Davidson
Councillors (1915): W.J. Pringle, Cram, J.A. Hill, Whiteford
Councillors (1916): W.A. Parker, R.J. Chalmers, J.S. Cram, W.J Pringle
Clerk: Geo Armstrong

Gilbert Ernest Davidson was born in May 4, 1868 to John and Cecelia Davidson (Somerville) in Lachute, Quebec. He came west to Manitou with his parents and siblings in 1877.  Gilbert received most of his education in New Haven School and worked on the family farm.  In 1882 he became employed by the hardware, lumber and grain firm of R. J. Chalmers and Company, where he learned the lumber business.
In 1886, in partnership with T. Turnbull, he purchased the lumber business of C. R. Gordon, later buying out his partner and operating lumber yards at Manitou, Altamont, Kaleida and Darlingford. He also dabbled in real estate.On August 13, 1895 married Mabel Kerr.  The couple had three children:  Gordon Rolston born July 3, 1900 (Inez Brown) and worked in Atikokan, ON, Mabel Maud born September 21, 1903 (Jack Parry) trained as a nurse and worked in Winnipeg and moved to Vancouver, Jack (Rossanne) was educated in Manitou and worked in a veterinary clinic in Winnipeg before moving to Calgary and Vancouver.Gilbert was active in community affairs, in 1907 he ran for a seat in the Manitoba Legislature, being defeated by Robert Rogers.  He served as a Director of the Lumberman’s Association of Manitoba.  He retired to Winnipeg where he died in 1949.
(Information gleaned from In Rhythm With Our Roots, Manitoba Vital Statistics Database and Memorable Manitobans)

Mayor: Robert Armstrong McIntosh (See Bio Above)
Councillors: J.A.F. Hill, T. Bradley, R.J. Chalmers, J.W. Cumberland
Clerk: Geo Armstrong

W.F. Ellis1918 - 1919
Mayor: W.F. Ellis
Councillors (1918-1919): J.A. Swanson, T. Bradley, R.J. Chalmers, Chas. T. March
Clerk: Henry Burke

William Francis Ellis, born June 3, 1849, came from Ontario to Manitou in the late 1870’s or early 1880s.  He had the only law office in town in the early days, and he was never so fond of legal work as he was with the sale of his town site, Manitou, with mortgage loans, and with the training of his English setter dogs.
Geo. Armstrong who articled with Mr. Ellis, graduated in law, represented Manitou in the local legislature, and at the time of his death was Country Court Judge.Mr. Ellis died at Manitou September 17, 1930 at the age of 81.

John Alexander Swanson1920 - 1921
Mayor: John Alexander Swanson
Councillors (1920): W.J. Rowe, W.J. Pringle, Dr. I.H. Davidson, G.E. Davidson
Councillors (1921): Norman Clark, W.J. Pringle, W.J. Rowe, G.E. Davidson
Clerk: Henry Burke

John Alexander "Alex” or "Doc” Swanson was born August 13, 1884 to Ben Swanson and Lucy Furnier of Manitou.  He grew up on the family farm in the Middleton District where he received much of his education until moving to Manitou to finish up.  Alex married Annie Dickson April 20, 1910.  Alex studied and practised as a veterinarian in Manitou district until the family moved to Winnipeg in 1937.  He joined the Civil Service as a government inspector.

The couple had four children:  Wallace born May 30, 1912 who was a pharmacist, Lawrence (Mary) worked for the civil service in the veterinary department in Dauphin, Isabel (Dr. Louis Wettlaufer) obtained a home economics degree and worked in Winnipeg, Neil (Shirley) worked for the CNR in Winnipeg.

(Information from Manitoba Vital Statistics Database and In Rhythm With Our Roots)

1922 - 1923
Mayor: William J. Pringle
Councillors (1922): Norman Clark, J.E. Johnston
Councillors (1923): Geo. Pipe, J.E. Johnston, John Shatford
Clerk: Henry Burke

William J. Pringle was born February 23, 1881 in Hamilton, Ontario.  He came to Manitoba at the age of 5 and lived with his family in the Brownlee district. He married Henrietta McRae Nixon of Minto, Manitoba December 25th, 1905 in the R.M. of Whitewater.  William was a grain buyer.  In 1925 and 1926 he was the caretaker of the Manitou Skating Rink.  He once lived in the "Log House” tourism centre.  He was a councillor for Manitou before becoming Mayor and lived in the community for 20 years.

The couple had a family of three, Melvin, Lillian and Hazel. The couple moved to Minto in the 1930’s.

He died suddenly, January 6, 1940 in Souris.

1924 - 1927
Mayor: William Christie Dales (See above Bio)
Councillors (1924 - 1925): W.W. Dickson, Geo. Pipe, John Shatford
Councillors (1926): Chas. Hodgson, Geo. Pipe, Thom.D. Nairne, John Shatford
Councillors (1927): Chas Hodgson, R.J.R. Bowler, C.P. Moores, Thom D. Nairne
Clerk: Henry Burke

Charles Hodgson1928 - 1930
Mayor: Charles Hodgson
Councillors (1928 - 1930): J.H. Bradley, R.J.R. Bowler, C.P. Moores, Thom D. Nairne
Clerk: E. Sanders

Charles Hodgson began his career as a railroader.  He enlisted in the army during WWI.  While in the army he suffered injury to his eye.  He married Margaret Christina "Ena” Dickson January 26, 1921.   In March of 1922 Charlie purchased the grocery business from John Edgar.  Sometime later he ran a garage in Manitou known as Pembina Motors.  He sold the business in 1936 and retired to Chilliwack, BC.  Charlie was an avid curler, played hockey and was involved in forming a baseball club in Manitou and was a member of the Canadian Legion.  He was an honorary lifetime member of the Manitou Curling Club and later was a member of both Chilliwack and Victoria Senior Curling Clubs.

(Information from Western Canadian)

Chalmers (Cham) P. Moores1931 - 1932
Mayor: Chalmers (Cham) P. Moores
Councillors (1931): W.A. Pommer, Bradley, R.J.R Bowler
Councillors (1932): W.A. Pommer, J. Baldwin, A.L. Edwards, R.J.R Bowler
Clerk: E. Sanders

Chalmers Peter (Cham) Moores was born October 11, 1889, the third son of James and Catherine Moores of Kaleida.  He attended school at Kaleida and in 1916 enlisted in the 184th Battalion and served in France with the 107th Battalion.  He was wounded at Hill 70, in 1917, and suffered the loss of his right arm.

Cham married Olive Patterson of Kaleida in 1924 and lived at 332 Fuller Avenue in Manitou.  They had one daughter that died in infancy.  Cham bought the garage in the early 20’s in partnership with Frank McCharles, a first cousin.  Before long he bought the McCharles interest and continued to run the Ford garage for 45 years.  When asked about his difficulties of only one arm, he answered "the hardest thing was to tie his shoes and to wash his remaining hand.”  He was known for his generosity to those down on their luck. Cham passed away in 1972 and Olive in 1984.

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots and Manitoba Vital Statistics Database)

William A. Pommer1933 - 1947
Mayor: William A. Pommer
Councillors (1933): J. Baldwin, R.B. Smith, A.L. Edwards, W.H. Baker
Councillors (1934): A.L. Edwards, J. Baldwin, R. Follett, Baker
Councillors (1935-1936): A. L. Edwards, J. Baldwin, R. Follett, C. Hodgson
Councillors (1937): A.L. Edwards, J. Baldwin, W. Snyder, R.S. Chalmers
Councillors (1938-1941): F. Giffin, A. Marsh, W. Snyder, R.S. Chalmers
Councillors (1942-1947): F. Giffin, N. Ashley, W. Snyder, R.S. Chalmers
Clerk: E. Sanders

Dr. Wm. Albert Pommer was born May 15, 1895 in the R.M. of Wallace and came to Manitou with his bride Grace in 1921.  Dr. Pommer practiced dentistry here for 30 years and was very active in the community.  He was a member of the Masonic Lodge NO. 30, President of the Lisgar Liberal Association, and Member of the Parliament for Lisgar, 1953-57.  Both were active members of the United Church.

The couple had two daughters; Mary (Mrs. Joseph Armitage) and Helen (Mrs. Frank Maunder).

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots and Manitoba Vital Statistics Database)

Maurice E. Ridley1948 - 1957
Mayor: Maurice E. Ridley
Councillors (1948-1949): F. Giffin, N. Ashley, W.Snyder, W. Turner
Councillors (1950): C.P. Moores, N. Ashley, W. Snyder, A. March
Councillors (1951): C.P. Moores, N. Ashley, D.L. Cameron, A. March
Councillors (1953): N. Ashley, C.P. Moores, E.L. Johnston, R.B. Smith
Councillors (1954-1955): N. Ashley, B. McDonald, E.L. Johnston, R.B. Smith
Councillors (1956): H.R. Jordan, Cliff Johnston. E.L. Johnston, R.B. Smith
Councillors (1957): H.R. Jordan, Cliff Johnston, E.L. Johnston, W. Bowler
Clerk (1948 - 1950): J.A.F. Hill
Clerk (1951- 1956): G.L. Davidson
Clerk (1957): D.F. Rankine

Maurice E. Ridley was born c. 1912 to John Ridley and Edna Kealey of Manitou.  Maurice worked as a drover with his father.   He served in the army from 1940-1946.  He married Lola McDowell in 1947.  He was active with local government until he entered politics. Maurice was a member of the Legislature and was Minister of Municipal Affairs until his untimely death in 1960 at the age of 48.

Maurice and Lola had three children; Jack, Maureen (Mrs. Jim Cobb) and Merle Anne.

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

Norman H. Ashley1958-1959
Mayor: Norman H. Ashley
Councillors (1958): N.F. Johnston, D.H. Voth, E.L. Johnston, W. Bowler
Councillors (1959): N.F. Johnston, D.H. Voth, E.H. Carswell, W. Bowler
Clerk: D.F. Rankine

Norman and Loveday Ashley made their home in Manitou in 1931. Norman was employed by Charlie Hodgson as a mechanic in the garage known as "Pembina Motors”.  He was later in partnership with Jim Ridley and Bob Carswell, and eventually became sole owner and proprietor of Pembina Motors dealing in General Motors vehicles and John Deere farm machinery.  During his career he served on the Canadian Dealer Council and Federated Automobile Dealer Association.  In 1966-67 Norman replaced the old building on Ellis Street with a new one (currently (2012) Manitou Auto Body). He remained in business until his death in 1968.

Norman was actively interest in Manitou’s progress.  He also served on many community projects involved in the growth of Manitou.  He was an honorary member of the local Kinsmen Club, member of the Masonic Lodge and served as D.D. G.M. and was also a Shriner.  He and Loveday were charter members of the local O.E.S.

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

1960 - 1961
Mayor: Edward L. Johnston
Councillors: N.F. Johnston, D.H. Voth, E.H. Carswell, W. Bowler
Clerk: D.F. Rankine, G. Comba

Ed arrived in Manitou from Graysville, MB in 1936, to be employed by Reg Follett as butter maker of the Manitou Creamery. That same year Ed won the silver cup at the Toronto Exhibition for the highest scoring butter on exhibition.

In 1939, he married Helen (Nan) Bligh Armson, a teacher from the Stephenfield area, originally from Basswood, MB.

Upon sale of the Manitou Creamery to Canada Packers Ltd., Ed became manager of its operation and expansion to include the first Hatchery and Broiler business in the area.

Ed was one of the six "founding fathers” of the Manitou Broiler and Pig Farms in Manitou.  The Broiler business was started in July 1956, with the pig barns following a year or so later.  He retired from Canada Packers Ltd. in 1971.

As a member of the community Ed took a very active part in various activities including chairman of the School Board and president of the Kinsmen Club as well as being a member of Town Council.  Two of the major projects completed during Ed’s tenure as councilman and mayor were paved streets and waterworks for the village. Ed also installed the heating system for the Christian Education Building.

Ed and Nan had a family of three; Larry (Mildren Ann McGregor); Lynn, and Penny (Mrs. Tom Pearce).

Ed passed away in 1985.

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

Norman F. Johnston1962 - 1967
Mayor: Norman F. Johnston
Councillors:  E.L. Johnston, D.H. Voth, A. Leadbeater, W. Bowler
Clerk: G. Comba

Norman (Pete) Johnston was born in 1912 and married Marion Hamilton in 1938. They couple moved from Mowbray to Manitou in 1953, and bought the Red and White Store, formerly owned by Mr. Goldsmith.  They operated the store for 22 years.

Besides being an active council member of Manitou, Pete was a member of the Hospital board, Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Agricultural Society and a 4-H Light Horse Club leader.  He was also an avid curler and golfer.

The couple had two daughters; Gloria (Joe Wavrecan), Diana (Duane Compton).

Ed passed away in 1975.

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

George L. Henderson1968 - 1969
Mayor: George L. Henderson
Councillors: D.H. Voth, W. Mueller, A. Leadbeater, W. Bowler
Clerk: G. Comba

George Lindsay Henderson was born March 18, 1916 to John and Annie Henderson of Homewood, MB.  In 1916 they moved to Manitou to the T. L. Fargey farm at Binney Siding.  George took his schooling in Manitou.  After his father’s death and his mother’s remarriage, George farmed on his own.  In 1942 he married Agnes Cassels.  The couple had four children; Jim, Donna, Lindsay and David.  After the death of Agnes, George married Clara Balfour in 1955 and then after her death married Gertie McAuley.

George was active in the Co-op and the Pool elevator.  He was chairman for the Chamber of Commerce for many years and MLA for Pembina from 1969 to 1978.  He served on the Land Value Appraisal Commission.  He also helped with farming and land appraisals.  George passed away June 4, 2008.

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots, Memorable Manitobans)

Dave H. Voth1970 - 1972
Mayor: Dave H. Voth
Councillors (1970): W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, A. Leadbeater, W. Bowler
Councillors (1970): W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, A. Leadbeater, Max Webber
Clerk: G. Comba, E. Sampson

David Herman Voth was born in Kalontarowka, South Russia to Herman and Maria Voth.  They family moved to Rosetown, SK then to Plum Coulee.  They lived in the LaRiviere area from 1928-31 where they learned English.In 1931 they purchased 31-3-8W north of Manitou.  David and his brother John cut wood on their land and sold it for $1.50 per load of poles.
With this money David took a home study course in automobile repair.  In 1933 he went to Winnipeg to work as a mechanic. On October 6, 1935 David married Annie Dyck.  In that same year David and his father each contributed $50.00 and H. Voth and Son Hardware was established.  In 1939, the business expanded to include a GM car and truck dealership.
In 1942 the business moved to the Canadian Bank of Commerce Building and two years later, David purchased his father’s share and Herman retired.  The hardware business was sold to J. Jopling in 1946 and for the next twenty years the Voth business was the garage that now is the school division bus garage.  In 1966 the business moved across the highway and in 1969 David’s son Franklin purchased and ran the business.David and Annie had a family of six; Franklin, Herman, Harry, Helena, John and Ben.
(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

Wilfred H. Bowler1972 - 1974
Mayor: Wilfred H. Bowler
Councillors: W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, A. Leadbeater, Max Webber
Clerk: E. Sampson

Wilfred H. Bowler was born in 1913 the first son of Harry and Margaret Bowler of Kaleida.  He married Cassie McPherson in 1928 and they had one son, Donald.  Cassie passed away in 1937.  In 1942, Wilfred married Isabelle Gellatly of Windygates and they had two more children, Heather (Garry Gardiner) and Harry (Carolyn).

Wilfred and Isabelle farmed in the Kaleida district until 1948 when they sold their farm and moved to Manitou.

Wilfred was active on the RM of Pembina Council and Manitou Council as well as active member of the Manitou community. Wilfred owned and operated the Manitou Auto Transport business from 1951-54.  After running this business for a few years, he went to work buying grain for Olgivie Elevators which were later bought out by Manitoba Pool Elevators. He continued to work at this agricultural job until he retired in 1971.  Wilfred served on the Pembina Manitou Hospital board for twenty years.

(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

Cornelius Riediger1974 - 1980
Mayor: Cornelius Riediger
Councillors (1974 - 1975): W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, J. Ferguson, Max Webber
Councillors (1976 - 1979): W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, J. Ferguson, Pat Martens
Councillors (1980): W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, J. Ferguson, W.Webber
Clerk: E. Sampson

Cornelius Riediger was born in 1923 and immigrated to Canada with his parents from Russia in 1924.  He served in different areas of Canada as a conscientious objector.  In 1943 he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corp. serving in Canada, the UK and Europe, returning in 1946.  Upon returning home, he joined his father’s firm, J. P. Riediger and Sons Ltd.
Their business was grain handling, feed manufacturing, fertilizer distribution and custom seed cleaning.In 1948 Cornie married Sue Hoeppner of Myrtle, MB.  The couple moved from Morden to Manitou in 1955.  Here Cornie managed the family fee mill.Cornie was active in many community affairs.  He was a member and chairman of the Kinsmen Club.  Other community endeavours were, Manitou Consolidated School Board, Chamber of Commerce, and Promotion of Waterworks for Manitou.
Under his mayorship he developed the long term plan to curb the streets and developed the nuisance ground on the present site.Cornie and Sue had a family of three; Bertha, Neil, and Ken (Joyda Cousins).Cornie passed away in 1999.

George Kozak1981 - Part of 1986
Mayor: George Kozak
Councillors (1981 - 1983): W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, Don Compton, W. Webber
Councillors (1984 - 1986): W. Mueller, R.E. Christoff, J. Forrest, W.Webber
Clerk: E. Sampson

George Kozak was born 1948 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  He came to Manitou in 1977 when he purchased the Pembina Motors business from Don Bowler.  The business name was changed to Kimberly Chev Olds.  George married Judy Young, of Manitou, in 1968 and together they have two children; Kimberly (1973) and Christopher (1979).  George and Judy were divorced in 1984.  George married Sheila Buike in 1988 and the couple live in Manitou.
George operated Kimberly Chev Olds until 1994 when he closed the business.  He has been in the insurance business since that time.

Albert E. Hall1987 - 1992
Mayor: Albert E. Hall
Councillors (1987 - 1989) W. Mueller, W. Fehr, J. Forrest, H. Brendle
Councillors (1990): W. Mueller, W. Fehr, G. Stewart, H. Brendle
Councillors (1991 - 1992) W. Mueller, W. Fehr, R. Vodden, N. Scharf
Clerk: E. Sampson
Clerk (1987): Jackie Clayton

Albert E. (Bert) Hall was born in 1920 to Walter E. and Iva Hall of the New Haven District.  Bert served in the RCAF from 1941 to 1945.  He married Clara Sampson of Manitou in 1942.  Following the war service, Bert and Clara returned to the home farm in New Haven.  The family moved to Manitou, in 1956.
Bert was a director and general manager of Manitou Broiler Farms Ltd. which produced broiler chickens and market hogs, along with some cereal grain acreage.  Bert spent many years as a minor hockey and ball coach.
He served as a school board member of the Manitou Consolidated School District and later for the Pembina Valley School Division.
He was a director of the Pembina-Manitou Health District, including the building project of the Pembina-Manitou Health Centre.  Bert served many years on provincial and national farm organizations as well as community organizations.
Bert and Clara had three sons; Derryl (Linda Inman), Walter (Gloria Waddingham), Ray (Cathy Robertson).

Walter Hazlem MuellerPart of 1986 , 1993 - 2005
Mayor: Walter Hazlem Mueller
Councillors (1993 - 1995): R. Vodden, N. Scharf, W. Fehr, A. Lovell
Councillors (1996): N. Scharf, J. Goertzen, R. Margetts, A. Lovell
Councillors (1997 - 2005): N. Scharf, J. Goertzen, H. Brendle, S. Vodden
Clerk: Jackie Clayton
Chief Administrative Officer (1996): Angie Smith

Walter Mueller was born in 1937 to Otto Mueller and Florence Jordan of Manitou.  Walter received is schooling in Manitou and worked with his father in the hardware business.
In 1964 he married Bette Boote of Kaleida.  The couple have two sons; Terry and Jim.Walter has been active in community organizations and sports, including St. John the Baptist Vestry, Kinsmen, K-40, Central Region Sport Committee, Manitou Merchants’ Assoc. and Manitoba Urban Municipalities.
Walter has participated in Old Timers’ Hockey Assoc., and Manitou, Border, Turtle Mountain and Pembina Valley Leagues for all ages as president, executive member, or player in hockey, baseball and golf.  Organized sports in Southern Manitoba owe their survival, in part, to the tireless efforts of Walter and his organization abilities.
Among the many awards for volunteer service, Walter has received are, the "Celebrate 88 Certificate of Merit, and Gold Medal” presented by the Government of Canada in recognition of contributions to the community.  "The 1989 Central Region Sport Association Sport Builder Award”, for leadership in amateur sport and "The 1991 Dr. Fern Letain Memorial” for outstanding contribution to minor hockey in Pembina Valley.  In December of 1996 Walter was inducted into the Manitoba Honour Society; the award recognizes him for spending his lifetime in baseball as a player, supporter and organizer.                               
(Information from In Rhythm With Our Roots)

Jake Goertzen2006 - 2014
Mayor: Jake Goertzen
Councillors (2006 - 2009): N. Scharf, H. Brendle, S. Vodden, G. Shiskoski
Councillors (2010 - 2014): H. Brendle, G. Shiskoski, C. Hunter, H. Hiebert
Chief Administrative Officer (2006 - 2009): Angie Smith
Interim CAO (2009):  Marion Grogan
Chief Administrative Officer (2010 - Present): Wes Unrau
Administrative Assistant (Dec 2008 - Present): Cassandra Morrow
Town of Manitou Council Members 2009-2010
BACK: Marion Grogan (Interim CAO), Cassandra Morrow (Administrative Assistant), Glenn Shiskoski, Harry Hiebert, Harry Brendle, Wes Unrau (CAO) FRONT: Jake Goerten (Mayor), Norman Scharf
Town of Manitou Council Members
Town of Manitou Council Members
2010 - 2014
BACK: Harry Hiebert, Glenn Shiskoski
FRONT: Harry Brendle, Jake Goertzen (Mayor), Cindy Hunter
Town of Manitou Council Members
January 1, 2015 the Town of Manitou amalgamated with the R.M of Pembina to form the Municipality of Pembina.