What is a Subdivision?
A subdivision is the division of a parcel of land described on a certificate of title. A subdivision can occur when a single land title is split into two or more parts, property boundaries are re-arranged, or a lease, mortgage or other instrument is registered that has the effect of subdividing the parcel.

When is a Subdivision Approval Required?
With a few exceptions a subdivision must be approved under The Planning Act before it can be accepted for registration at the Land Titles Office

Who Approved a Subdivision?
The Minister of Municipal Government is the approving authority for subdivisions outside the City of Winnipeg. This responsibility has been delegated to certain planning district boards or to the regional offices of the Community and Regional Planning Branch of Municipal Government.
Before starting the process it is recommended that you discuss your proposal with your local municipal or planning district board staff, or the CRP Regional office to determine the policies and regulations that may relate to your application. The advice is free and may save you time and money.
The Community and Regional Planning Branch for the Municipality of Pembina is located in Morden at 536 Stephen St. Unit A. Phone number is 204-822-2840.